The Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Company You Can Rely On For Your Business

Smart Energy Services LLC was founded by Ingrid Mattis as a Woman Owned Certified Business.
With Over two decades of expertise behind her, she has educated many Commercial property owners on transforming their parcels with no Upfront cost and savings day one.
Ingrid has aided in changing legislature in the state of Connecticut’s C -Pace program to include parcels that were sitting unoccupied. Today because of this Change in legislation the town of Bridgeport CT is the capital of Plastic recycling plants from warehouses that were sitting vacant for years that now sold because of the ability to have updated energy efficient parcels.
Ingrid’s company SES was one of the first Trade Allys for NJ Clean Energy For solar and LED Ingrid’s Company was the first solar installation in the town of Paramus NJ in 2010 and in the county of Bergen.